Living with a pet allergy (Animal Allergy)

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February 2, 2019

Living with a pet allergy (Animal Allergy)

Living with a pet allergy can be accomplished by most people if a few precautions are followed. Cat dander is a stickier protein compound than dog dander so control of cat allergy is significantly more difficult. Obviously not having a pet is the best defense against pet allergy. For many people that is not often a good alternative and so the following few rules can make a big difference.


  1. First of all having a pet in the bedroom should be avoided at all times. It is not even ok to have them walk through or greet you in the morning. Making your bedroom animal proof is the number one way to coexist with your pet allergy.
  2. Remembering to wash your hands and/or face after exposure to the pet during the day goes a long way to reducing allergen exposure.
  3. When it is time to go to bed, following a routine that includes a shower and changing into something that you are going to sleep in will make big differences. Avoiding traveling throughout the house after the shower and change is of paramount importance to disallow dander exposure to you or your bedclothes. By following this rule you can limit your pet allergen exposure while sleeping to a minimum and often times make your overall allergy problems significantly better.

If all else fails immunotherapy can allow you to live with your pet, however that requires a shot weekly for a year and every other week for a second year to get the long-term benefit.

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