• Tina Dhabi
    Ladies and gentlemen, the moment I write to you, I feel the most beautiful movements of my baby in the stomach. I want to express my deep gratitude to Dr. Manisha as well as the entire team for everything you do for us, so that we can rejoice in the live. At the moment I'm 30 weeks old and we look forward to the great day. I would like to encourage everyone who has this problem not to give up, any unsuccessful attempt is just a step closer to solving the problem.
    Tina Dhabi
  • Smitha Thakur
    After many years of dreaming to achieve the greatest desire of every woman, after many years of walking in the clinics in the country, I finally found the team that is most dedicated to the patients regardless of the problem. Which would be if not for Newborn Clinic for respect. Thank you very much for your attention, dedication and positive energy that you gave me to make my greatest wish come true. FIGHT YOU continue so I believe that many more couples will be convinced. Happiness is immense because it's a third invitory-first in the Newborn Clinic. Thank you ...
    Smitha Thakur
  • Payal Gulaati
    I met with the Dr. Manisha Suryavanshi 1.5 years ago. They received me perfectly and all the compulsory examinations were made. In December 2016 an insemination was made that did not produce results. On the recommendation of my Dr. Manisha Suryavanshi, I started preparing for IVF procedure. In March 2017, one attempt was made that was unsuccessful. The doctor had an excellent approach and advised me to relax and try again in autumn. My whole team was unselfishly committed and available at any time for all my dilemmas and questions. Thanks for All
    Payal Gulaati